Natives 101: The teaching of indigenous issues

May 4 th, 2017

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Natives 101: The teaching of indigenous issues

May 4 th, 2017 at UQAM

 Organized by the Cercle des Premières Nations de l’UQAM (CPNUQAM), in collaboration with the Centre interuniversitaire d’études et de recherches autochtones (CIÉRA), the event will include round tables of researchers and public figures, thematic presentations and a music show.

Educational professionals are often unprepared for content, instructional tools, and approaches to First Nations and Inuit issues. Moreover, according to the Quebec Education Program, the history and the place of the natives in a contemporary world are not approached, or very little. In this perspective, several questions arise: What is the role of First Nations and Inuit in the teaching of history in Quebec? How to address the aboriginal question without encouraging clichés? How can I compare my perceptions with those of children? What types of pedagogical or didactic tools exist for such teaching?

 Natives 101: The teaching of indigenous issues aims to break the stereotypes, guide teachers and to evolve and improve teaching practices concerning the history and current situation of aboriginal people in Quebec.

Our event is open to all education professionals and anyone interested in ethical, fair and non-discriminatory education in the history and place of Aboriginal Nations in our society.

We invite anyone and any institution wishing to make a presentation at this event to contact us, by sending to us no later than January 27th a summary of their presentation, not exceeding 200 words.

For the organizing committee:

Gustavo Zamora Jiménez